Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., Ph.D.
Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)


Feedback from clients, teachers and students 



“Thank you very much for your contribution this spring at Morehouse School of Medicine.  Your lecture regarding the use of medical hypnosis as a healing modality was captivating, insightful and inspiring.  The examples and case reports you gave students of your work made the application of medical hypnosis more real and meaningful to the students.  The class also appreciated that you brought a Western trained medical doctor with you to participate in your demonstration of the power of suggestion. I invite you to participate next year in the ICAM class."-Kofi A. Kondwani, Ph.D., Course Director Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA

"After I completed your program I knew I was ready to make my passion into a career. (The M.E.N.T.A.L. Games class)...was fun and built on what I already knew and was doing." -Matt Proudfoot, Personal Trainer-Tempe, Arizona

"Brother Ajamu has a deep commitment to personal growth and has dedicated himself to mastering hypnosis and NLP.  He has a gift for learning and teaching."
-Sifu Danny Curry, N. Dragon Kung Fu Wu Su, Bronx, NY

"(My sessions) ...helped me acknowledge the importance of spirit and thought in health and sickness."

"There is something different and special about Ajamu.  He continues to be my caring mentor, offering progressive, practical wisdom with eloquence, integrity and clarity.  Ajamu enthusiastically provides his students and clients with guidance that is grounded and immediately applicable.  I have learned so much fro m him and highly recommend him as a teacher, therapist and speaker.  You are an awesome coach!"-Erin Kurnik, CHT, NY, NY, Advantage Healing & Hypnosis

"I really enjoyed it.  This presentation combined knowledge wisdom and compassion.  I would like more extended training on shamanism with Ajamu."-Lillian Curcio, Ph.D, Santa Clarita, CA

(Unleash Your Genius)"Very enjoyable; extremely stimulating-led me to see, think and believe in a different way."-Judy Orlinsky-Baltimore,MD

“Well organized and interesting presentation."-Susan Pickering, Long Beach, CA

"I really enjoyed Ajamu's 'Unleash your Genius' workshop.  He is a dynamic speaker, as well as thoughtful, well-informed and clear.  I highly recommend his presentations to anyone who wants to learn how to facilitate accelerated learning." - Kanta Bosniak, Ph.D., DD, CCHt, Director, Alpha Learning Institute

"Ajamu has a natural auric field of deep compassion, genuine concern and attention for the highest result. His spirituality is his guiding force."
-Gabriella King, NLP Trainer-Australia

“After working with the M.E.N.T.A.L. Games  approach for the last two years I am doing things on my dojo that I had only dreamed about since my accident. This stuff works!"-Farouk Al-Adin, 3rd Dan Kempo-NJ

“Ajamu is and inspiring, highly skilled teacher and healer…He is part of the new generation of therapists." -Peter Blum, Hypnosis Instructor and Sound Healer- Woodstock. NY

(Hypnosis and Shamanism: the Divine Dance) "I liked this class. The perspective was very unique.  I had fun and got what I wanted."-Jillian Lavelle, CSMC and President of International Assoc. of Counselors and Therapists

"Ajamu has a richly healing presence.  He is highly skilled in the use of hypnosis in a medical context.  He combines hypnosis and spirituality in a beautiful blend of stories, metaphors and proverbs."-Jerome Beacham, Ph.D. Certification Chair, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, Royal Oak, MI

"Ajamu Ayinde has assisted and led NLP seminars with me and in addition to being a talented educator, he is a gifted practitioner.  I highly recommend him."-Rev. Michael Ellner, Ph.D., Renowned A.I.D.S activist and Co-Author "Quantum Focus"

"Outstanding."-Tom Nolen

"Brilliance, flexibility of approach and personal attention are always the order of the day in AEI trainings." -Patrick Stephens

“Ajamu helped me to unlock the emotional blocks that were surrounding my life and then assisted me to reach my best and follow my dreams...I also use his techniques daily (as a runner) and in my work as a therapist."-Phil Wharton, world class runner. Neuro-muscular Therapist and Author of the Wharton Performance series-New Paltz, NY

“After only one session of regression…I was able to gain important insights...His clarity and understanding provided all that I needed to take the next step."-Janice Olschansky, Infant massage therapist-Roswell, GA

"...it is a glorious gift that has allowed me to expand personally and professionally."

“This is essential for anyone who needs to perform under pressure...cant thank you enough for putting together this programme."-Milton Edgecomb, tennis pro- London, UK

“Excellent energy-knows his stuff. Very well thought through. Ajamu is an outstanding teacher." -Rowena Martin, Swimmer, Plainfield , NJ

“Terrific class…lots of information I can use right now...I look forward to reading your book when it comes out."-Cliff F., Professor NYU-NY, NY

“I strongly recommend mental training to all my athletes and I highly recommend the AEI program for that extra edge." -Bill Poole, Volleyball Coach, Washington H.S.-NY

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