Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., Ph.D.
Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)

Neuro-Linguistic Healing

What is Neuro-Linguistic Healing?  (NLH) 



What is NLH?

NLH™ is an innovative philosophy and set of powerful techniques that assists people to change behaviors, beliefs and attitudes toward health. "Neuro" relates to the nervous system, "linguistic" refers to our language patterns and "healing" has to do with the interactive process of assisting clients to embrace optimal health.

Neuro-Linguistic Healing™ training is specifically geared toward medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals. It takes the principal ideas of NLP and directs them toward personal, professional and planetary healing. The training introduces the major techniques of NLP including, presuppositions, swish pattern, visual squash, allergy relief model, anchoring, pacing and leading and using personal time lines. Completing the training and passing the exam leads to certification by the National Federation of NLP. www.nfnlp.com  

Neuro-Linguistic Healing ™ was developed by Wil Horton, Psy.D. and Rev. Michael Ellner, Ph.D. Neuro-Linguistic Healing™ was created in order to make the change technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming available to more people by simplifying the terminology, making it more affordable and focusing upon its health applications. Ajamu is a fully certified Trainer of this technology having apprenticed and taught with Rev. Ellner in NYC since 1997

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