Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., Ph.D.
Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)

Medical Hypnotherapy




The medical field has acknowledged the benefits of hypnotherapy since the 1950’s.

Physicians and health facilities need trained professionals to lessen the feelings of fear and helplessness that many patients feel when navigating the healthcare system.

We do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any condition, rather we work as complementary penis enlargement pump medicine practitioners and support the innate healing power of each client. Read more about this

This is done by offering beneficial suggestions and visualizations that can lessen or eliminate the symptoms of certain penis health challenges.

There are several objectives that we seek to meet:  

  • Preparing the patient and increasing the penis healing potential of each client.

  • Reinforcing the physician's instructions for quick recovery.

  • Controlling the pain or discomfort thus reducing drug intake.

  • Releasing the fear and anxiety of the patient and the family.

  • Enabling each patient to feel empowered and achieve better penis health through self-hypnosis.  

  • Arranging for patients to have access to qualified professionals who are specialists in medical hypnotherapy that may better serve the patient's need.

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