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Dr. Frenesa Hall is a good friend and great Atlanta-based medical doctor.  She has created a true innovation in the world of medicine-mobile medicine. We may not be old enough to remember the days when doctors made house calls but we all can remember sitting for hours in a doctor's office waiting to be seen.  Dr. Hall has developed system where she travels to meet busy executives at work and provides them with cardiovascular screenings, physicals, blood work and more.  Save yourself hassle and wasted time.  Dr. Hall values your time, as well as your health. www.mobile-medicine.net


Sports enhancement:
Here is the site of Wharton Performance.  Phil Wharton and his dad, “the Mechanic” work miracles with runners and other athletes using their system of assisted stretching.  They have worked with many world class athletes and have written several best selling books.  www.aistretch.com

This is an online journal of sports psychology.  You can subscribe, read back issue and even write.  There are also links to other related organizations, services, racquets, etc. and even lists you can get on.  www.athleticinsight.com

Here you will find a resource for those who are seeking to find a martial arts school in which to train.  They also have books and other training materials. www.dojos.com

This is the home of Kokoro Tatsu, an Atlanta based judo school where world champions and future Olympians train.  Sensei Steven Alphabet is the head coach and developer of the innovative Judocise program.  The dojo has a beautiful training environment and great instruction in many of the martial arts including Muay Thai, 360 Kombat, Capoeira, Jujutsu, and Tai Chi.  The school even offers yoga and belly dance classes! 


This website has anything that the field hockey player needs: equipment, videos, coaching, health and nutrition advice and a great section on mental training.  www.planetfieldhockey.com

This is an online library. It has a bazillion books and articles on sports psychology from journals, newspapers and magazines.  It may take time but you can research almost anything.  http://www.questia.com


Contact Improvisation is a very natural yet revolutionary way of moving that is truly freeing.  For those who do contact dance is more than something we do it is who we are.  Learn more about freestyle dance here. Events, classes, essays and cool photos abound.www.contactimprov.net 

Wilbert Alix is a pioneer in the field of trance dance.  He succeeded Frank Natale as head of.  He is a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanic studies.  He teaches classes and leads people on shamanic journeys. He has written some super articles.  http://www.trancedance.com


Dance New England is an umbrella organization for freestyle dance organizations across the north east and in California. There are year round dances indoors and outdoors depending on the season that are drug, alcohol and smoke free. Each summer we have a dance camp in Maine that has everything from ballroom and swing to hip hop and drumming. www.dne.org

Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

Dr. David Kato is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in practice at the Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic in the UK. His training is quite thorough and his specialty is depression.  He travels to the US and will be presenting at the IMDHA conference in October.



Chaplain Paul Durbin leads the way in helping to place trained hypnotists in every hospital. He is the current President of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. www.durbinhypnosis.com

This is a great site for those who want more insight into the work of Milton Erickson, M.D., the master of indirect suggestion.  www.erickson-foundation.org

Terrific speaker and teacher. You will enjoy this site. He is one of my early teachers. www.georgebien.com

Paul Aurand is a unique therapist and teacher.  He has studied in Japan and taught around the world.  He was struck by lightning and his near death experience significantly heightened his already considerable skills.  His NJ center offers body work, hypnosis, past life regression, empowered childbirth, healing touch, and hypnotherapy instruction.  I will be teaching my M.E.N.T.A.L. Games sports enhancement class at the HHC in July.  www.holistichealingcenter.com


This is one of the most exciting new hypnosis organizations. It has a very fast growing membership. Conventions are held in California in July. Shelley Stockwell, president, puts the fun back in hypnosis. www.hypnosisfederation.com

Kim Manning heads Focused Solutions in Michigan. She is well versed in Medical Hypnotherapy and works with panic disorders, IBS, OCD and much more. She serves as a mentor to new therapists through IMDHA. www.hypnotherapy-detroit.com


President Jillian La Velle puts on a wonderful convention each year alternating between Parsippany, NJ and Atlanta. Check it out. I have spoken at this convention since 2001. www.iact.org

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association site. Drs. Anne and Jerome maintain very high standards.  They offer many opportunities for continuing education. Classes in Therapeutic Touch, forensic hypnosis and Hypnoanesthesia are available. I have been a featured speaker since 2001. I teach the IMDHA 120 hour curriculum. www.infinityinst.com

Rev. Michael Ellner is a passionate, committed hypno-healer who does incredible work with people with catastrophic illness, including AIDS. We have taught NLH classes together through the years. www.ellner.info

Wil Horton’s website. Info on Neuro-Linguistic Healing, Hypnosis for sports, addictions, sales and more. Videos for home study are available. www.nfnlp.com

This is the site of Steven Leeds and Rachel Hott.  Steven was my teacher for basic and advanced Ericksonian hypnosis. Steven leads NLP and hypnosis training in NYC and Switzerland.


John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn. Master Trainers and Master humans. I completed my Master Practitioner training with them. You will learn sooo much from them, co-facilitation at its finest.  www.nlptrainings.com

Great speaker and human being, Robert has led the field for twenty years in the area of weight loss and smoking cessation. Robert is a very generous teacher.

Keep up to date with all the news making a difference in medical hypnosis. Become a member of the National League of Medical Hypnotherapists. The President, Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D. is a brilliant teacher and a warm, generous, culturally sensitive person. She is at the forefront of teaching hypnotherapists how to expand our practices by taking medical insurance. www.hypnosisleague.com


Bruce Kaloski, Ph.D. has been an important teacher and mentor to me over the years. He has spent more than thirty years in the field facilitating change with individuals and groups. He has chartered Huntington Pacific University to offer advanced degrees to to professionals in the areas of hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy, and motivational psychology. I am completing my degree program and am on the faculty of HPU. If you are serious about building your skill set and being a leader in your field enroll in HPU now. www.hpuniversity.org


Horace Simmons is a hypnotherapist in Washington state who is always learning and growing.  I attend his classes at conventions and am always struck by his warmth, intelligence and caring. Check out his radio show archives. www.yournewlife.biz

Transpersonal and cross cultural therapy
This is a terrific source for more information on traditional African religion. You’ll find many useful articles.  www.afrikaworld.net

This is the official site of the Association of Black Psychologists. Find one in your area. Many are familiar with the use of hypnosis.  www.abpsi.org

David Brazier has written a book called Zen Therapy.  His site lists articles, classes and distance learning opportunities for those who want to study psychology from a Buddhist perspective.  www.buddhistpsychology.info

He is a true pioneer in the field of metaphysical awareness. I first purchased one of his tapes in 1982 at age 13. His specialties are past life regression and human potential expansion. He has many best selling books and tapes including You Were Born Again to Be Together, Radical Spirituality and Past Lives, Future Loves.  www.dicksutphen.com

This is the official site for the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. Allen and Dee Chips are some of the most gracious folks you’ll get a chance to meet. I’m a Trainer for the NATH.  www.holistictree.com

This is the home site of OATH: Organization of African Traditional Healers. In Africa there is not always a clear distinction between healers and priests. Those trained as priests and priestesses in traditional African spirituality function as counselors, herbalists, and diviners.

Naropa University is a school where one can study transpersonal psychology, somatic psychology and contemplative studies.  It is a recognized center of innovative education and practice.

World-renowned health facilitator. Patti is a medical intuitive and leader in vibrational medicine. She conducts sessions by phone and gets incredible results. 

This is a retreat center that was started by Jack Kornfield.  He has written many important books in the area of meditation and psychology based on his background as a monk in Asia.  He has a audio program called the Roots of Buddhist Psychology that I highly recommend.  Jack gives seminars on Vipassana meditation throughout the year at Spirit Rock.  It is a beautiful place and many other good teachers lead classes here.  www.spiritrock.org

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was a profound meditation master who popularized Tibetan Buddhism in the US in the 1970’s.  He developed the concept of the enlightened spiritual warrior who is fearless, dignified and compassionate.  There are centers now throughout the world that offer training based on this teaching.  www.shambhala.org

Dr. Akbar is a brilliant thinker and advocate of Afrocentric psychology. Meeting him as an undergraduate and reading his book, Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery changed my life. He is on faculty at Florida State University but travels to Atlanta to serve on the board of Hillside Chapel and Truth Center with Dr. Barbara King, our founder. www.naimakbar.com


The Alchemy Institute offers some of most thorough training available in the field of hypnotherapy. David Quigley developed Alchemy based on shamanism, inner child work, archetypal therapy and more. My most profound personal healing was made possible using the alchemy processes. One of his most senior Trainers, Debbie Unterman was my instructor. She was instrumental in my decision to relocate to Atlanta. www.alchemyinstitute.com



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