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Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)





Hypertension is a condition that claims many lives.
Stress management is a life skill that adds to the quality and quantity of the lives of many people diagnosed with hypertension. Stress comes in many forms and we all have different ways of coping with it. Not all stress is bad and without the presence of some stress we would not grow. Guided meditation teaches people to release the effects of past upsets and mistakes. Health is about living in the present and maintaining a healthy sense of optimism.

Hypertension is a medical condition caused by stress.
Severe hypertension should be monitored by a physician but can be supported by a stress management program that includes group meditation, exercise, dietary shifts and daily self-hypnosis practice.

It is estimated that over fifty percent of all people are experiencing some sort of psychosomatic symptom on a regular basis. Some of the fairly common stress-related illnesses are asthma, allergies, gastro-intestinal difficulties, ulcers, insomnia, migraines and depression.

Under stress, the body initiates the fight or flight response and releases adrenalin to prepare the body for action. This chemical causes the heart rate to increase and the blood vessels to narrow.

Narrowed vessels result in increased blood pressure. Illness occurs when clients are constantly encountering stressful situations and the blood pressure is rarely allowed to return to normal. Hypnosis and guided imagery can help clients lower their pressures to specific numbers that meet their physician’s guidelines for preventing the occurrence of heart attack and stroke.

Stress Management
Dr. Hans Selye was a pioneer in introducing autogenic methods in the US to help people better handle stress through non-pharmacological means. Our goal is to help each client to easily make lifestyle changes that improve the quality and duration of life.

Primary changes involve a modification of diet by eliminating salt, adding healthier food choices and eating smaller portions. Beyond these shifts, new holistic ways of dealing with stress are introduced. Anger and impatience are two of the characteristics of the Type A personality exhibits that put them at risk for heart disease. Medical hypnotherapy can help clients to put stressful people, places and things into the proper perspective and can help clients with hypertension to live longer and stronger.

The Benefits of Hypnosis for Hypertension:
• Create an island of serenity
• Eliminate arterial plaque
• Address resentments
• Improve self-image
• Improve sleep
• Restore normal blood flow
• Enhance effectiveness of pressure medication
• Reduce the amount of pressure medication
• Avoid the side effects of pressure medication
• Lower cholesterol
• Reduce unhealthy cravings
• Take on empowering beliefs
• Slow down and maintain productivity at home and on the job

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