Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., Ph.D.
Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)

Class Descriptions

Transpersonal Medical Hypnotherapy Certification Class description:



120 hours of classroom instruction taught over six weekends or three four day intensives leading toward certification with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

Phase 1- Basic Hypnosis (40 hours)

 Structuring Suggestions
 Signs of Trance
 Healing Metaphors
 Hypnotic Inductions
 Interviewing techniques
 Stress Management
 Phobias
 NLP Introduction
 Dealing with resistance
 Rapport Skills
 Smoking Cessation
 Weight Management

Investment: $800 for two weekends. $700 if paid one month in advance. Students may become members of NATH at this point.

Required Texts:
Power of Your Subconscious Mind-Joseph Murphy

The New Self-Hypnosis-Paul Adams

Supplementary Texts:
Clinical Hypnosis: A Transpersonal Approach-Allen Chips

Unlimited Power-Anthony Robbins

Phase 2-Advanced Hypnosis (40 hours)
 Parts Therapy
 Hypnotic Dreamwork
 Age Regression
 Inner Child Work
 Allergies
 Pain Management
 Past Life Regression
 Ericksonian Hypnosis
 Opening to Intuition
 Immune an Autoimmune Diseases
 Marketing and Professional Ethics

Investment: $800 for two weekends. $700 if paid one month in advance. Students may become members of National League of Medical Hypnotherapists at this point.

Required Texts:

Hypnotherapy- Dave Elman

Mind Probe Hypnosis-Irene Hickman

Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams- Wilda Tanner

Supplementary Texts:
Transpersonal Hypnosis- Eric Leskowitz, M.D.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy-David Quigley

Phase 3-Medical Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis (40 hours)

 Fundamentals of Hypnoanalysis
 Advanced Pain Management
 Eliminating Secondary Gain
 Hypnotic Childbirth Preparation
 Psycho-Oncology (Cancer Support)
 Initial Comprehensive Intake
 Surgery Preparation
 Word Association Test
 Dream Analysis
 Hypnodontics (Dental conditions)
 Guided Imagery for Specific Medical Conditions
 Public Speaking
 Review and Exam

Required Reading:

Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis- Heap and Aravind

Love Is Letting Go of Fear- Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.

From a Chicken to an Eagle- Jerry Fankauser, M.S.W.

The Flying Boy- John Lee

Supplementary Reading:

I Can See You Naked-Ron Hoff

Deep Healing- Emmett Miller, M.D.

Investment: $800 for two weekends. $700 if paid one month in advance. Students are eligible for full membership in the IMDHA at this point.

We at AEI look forward to facilitating your journey of discovery as you awaken to your full potential as a Transpersonal Medical Hypnotherapist.

Call today to register 877 HYPNOTX or 678 344-4092 in metro Atlanta.

Mental Coach Certification Class description:


M.E.N.T.A.L. Games for Sports Enhancement:

M.E.N.T.A.L. Games is an intensive seminar designed for professionals who wish to work with athletes to achieve more of their potential by teaching them specific mental training strategies.

The Level 1 certification is a one weekend training that is designed to expose students to the basics of mental training.

The six core skills of mental training: relaxation, mental rehearsal, self talk, motivation, goal setting and focus will all be taught through the use of theory and actual case studies.

Sports enhancement is a largely untapped market. You can learn to work with athletic clients from a wide range of disciplines including rock climbing, gymnastics, bodybuilding, fencing, tennis, running and more. Athletes are highly motivated clients who are a joy to work with.

People already working with athletes are encouraged to attend , including personal trainers, bodyworkers, athletic coaches, agents, chiropractors and others who want to add applied sports psychology to their array of skills.

When you become a Mental Coach you'll learn the mental dynamics behind all athletics.  A Mental Coach is not expected to know everything about the sport, he or she works in partnership with the Athletic Coach and the athlete to liberate his or her potential. Once you learn the six core skills of mental training that underlie sports enhancement, you can assist athletic clients from virtually any sport. In this class you'll learn the basic skills to begin working with athletic clients right away.

What's included: Complete Sports Improvement Training Manual (over 70 pages) •6 Core Mental Training Skills • 4 Powerful NLP Interventions•  15 Step Outline for a Promotional Seminar • Motivational quotes from Famous Athletes • 15 suggestion scripts including scripts for golf, tennis, swimming and martial arts • Sample phone script• Mental Coach certification exam• and much more •  FREE BONUS! "21 ways to break into the sports enhancement field.”

Graduates of the course may audit future level one M.E.N.T.A.L. Games seminars for a seventy-five dollar processing fee, space permitting.

Can't attend a live training?

Purchase the M.E.N.T.A.L. Games training manual for $135 and study the material then submit the exam to receive your Level One Mental Coach certification through the mail!

Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., M.A.is a Master Mental Coach and certified Medical Hypnotherapist.  He holds three certificates in Sports Hypnosis and has been teaching seminars on mental training across the U.S. at martial arts studios, yoga schools and fitness centers since 1997. As a professional dancer, he has performed in the US and Europe and has been an assistant instructor in Japanese, Chinese and Afro-Brazilian martial arts. This seminar is based on his sports psychology research, clinical experience and performance background. His experience as a classroom teacher in high schools helps him to make complex ideas accessible.  He offers free monthly seminars on various aspects of applied sports psychology at Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta.

"Baseball is ninety percent mental...the other half is in your head."-Yogi Berra, baseball legend and philosopher

Investment : $350 for the weekend. $295 if paid one month in advance. Students are eligible to receive continuing education units from various complementary health boards including: IACT, NATH, IMDHA, IHF and others.

Allow Ajamu to be your guide into the wide world of sports enhancement. Would you like to bring Ajamu to your area for a weekend seminar in Sports  Enhancement? Hosts get their training and materials free when they organize a group of eight or more.  Call today 877 HYPNOTX or 678 344-4092 in metro Atlanta.

" I got the skill and confidence to begin to take the steps to build a career as a sports enhancement specialist."

"The instructor gives you the encouragement and support to flourish in  this work. I can't say enough."

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