Ajamu James Ayinde, A.C.H., Ph.D.
Medical Hypnotherapist,
Master Mental Coach (c)


Better Birthing method 



I have developed the Better Birthing method based on my experience as a father and Medical Hypnotherapist. My method of hypnotic childbirth preparation allows women to have a happy, health baby with a minimum of medical intervention.

Many mothers suffer needlessly and have negative birth experiences. Hypnosis explodes the myth that pain must accompany birth. Stress and fear place an additional burden on the expectant mother.

The Better Birthing method offers greater comfort and less reliance on medication. Hypnotic suggestions are used throughout the pregnancy to prepare the mother mentally as well as physically for a better birth. Childbearing is a natural part of life and is not an illness to be treated.

Many women are choosing to have the emotional support and professional assistance from caring childbirth professionals. I work with physicians, doulas, midwives, yoga teachers and others to support the whole woman through her pregnancy.

I am a certified Medical Hypnotherapist with advanced training in Childbirth Preparation and Pain Management. I am certified by Bruce Kaloski, Ph.D. as a Specialist in Hypnotic Childbirth. In addition, I have studied the work of Marie Mongan, Wendi Friesen, and Frank Garfield in hypnotic approaches to natural childbirth.

Some of the benefits of Better Birthing are:
• Shorter labors
• Elimination of morning sickness
• Improved sleep
• Communication with the unborn child
• Feelings of calm and peace
• Less reliance on chemical anesthesia
• Elimination of fears
• Maintain proper weight
• Reduction of complications
• Overall empowerment
• Greater bonding between mother, child and birth partner

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