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Master Mental Coach (c)


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Hypnosis and NLP    Sports Improvement    Spiritual and Cross Cultural Therapy

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Hypnosis and NLP:

Andreas, Connirae, Ph.D. and Steve Andreas, M.A. Heart of the Mind, Engaging Your Inner Power to Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, $10.50

Chips, Allen. Clinical Hypnotherapy: a Transpersonal Approach, $27.95

Dilts, Robert et al. Beliefs, Pathways to Health & Well-Being, $13.95

Elias, Jack. Finding True Magic, A Radical Synthesis of Eastern & Western Perspectives and Techniques, $40

McDermott, Ian & Joseph O’Connor. NLP and Health, $16.00

NLP Comprehensive Team. NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, $20.00

Overdurf, John and Julie Silverthorn. Training Trances, Multi-Level Communication in Therapy and Training, $19.95

Porter, Patrick, Ph.D. Psycho-Linguistics, The Language of the Mind, $19.95


Quigley, David. Alchemical Hypnotherapy, $7.00


Sports Improvement 

Beswick, Bill. Focused for Soccer: Develop a Winning Mental Approach, $16.95


Cohn, Patrick, Ph.D. Peak Performance Golf: How Good Golfers Become Great Ones, $16.95


Huang , Chungliang Al and Jerry Lynch.
Thinking Body, Dancing Mind, $12.95


Loehr, James, Ed.D. The New Toughness Training for Sports, $12.95


Slaikeu, Karl, Ph.D. Focused for Tennis: Featuring the 3-R’s Mental Training System, 15.95


Spiritual and Cross Cultural Therapy:

Achterberg, Jeanne. Imagery In Healing, Shamanism and Modern Medicine, $12.95

Feinstein, David, Ph.D. & Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. The Mythic Path, Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past, $17.95

Ford, Clyde. The Hero with an African Face: Mythic Wisdom of Traditional Africa, $24.95

Gagan, Jeannette M., Ph.D. Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet, $16.00

Mann. Ronald, Ph.D. Sacred Healing: Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy, $14.95

Mehl-Madrona, Lewis, M.D. Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing, $13.00

Rogat, Steven. Healing Thoughts, Therapeutic Shamanism: A Bridge Between Metaphysics and Psychotherapy, $11.95

Scully, Nicki. Alchemical Healing: A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformative Medicine, $18.00

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